dgm is the expert in online customer acquisition. Dip into this section to find out what we do and how we can help you increase sales.

"Thanks a bunch for all your efforts so far! I specifically wanted to switch over to work with you because I felt that you and your guys were pro-active and I've been very impressed with the attention to pushing things along and making it happen."
- Dealsdirect


At dgm we leverage display media to drive additional direct response as well as reinforcing other direct response channels including paid search and affiliate marketing.

We have access to substantial inventory sources which we optimise to an advertiser's targeted cost per acquisition. We are continually optimising and refining campaigns using many different variables including publisher type, publisher exchange, geographic location, creative unit, page placement and content. We are also able to offer unique data sets which provides audience targeting including demographic and interest.


By partnering with a premium retargeting solution we are able to help businesses drive new customer acquisition based on a pure performance model by re-engaging millions of visitors that drop off their websites with compelling, highly pertinent display ads served on the fly.

Programmatic Buying

Real Time Bidding ('RTB') is now the dominant technology standard for the automated trading of display media. Just as high frequency automated trading systems have replaced human market makers and brokers in the financial world, demand side platforms (DSPs) are being used by media buyers to buy advertising in a highly automated, programmatic manner. Our partner technology allows us to target online users in 'real-time' while users are IN the browser.

Audience Buying

By partnering with the only dedicated APAC demand side platform we now have the ability to individually identify, value and serve an ad impression to a specific audience. So if you have a specific demographic profile or even interest profile in mind then these profiles can now be targeted in real time, thus minimising impression wastage. If you are interested in how addressable advertising can work for you please contact one of our sales team.