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"Thanks a bunch for all your efforts so far! I specifically wanted to switch over to work with you because I felt that you and your guys were pro-active and I've been very impressed with the attention to pushing things along and making it happen."
- Dealsdirect

Affiliate Marketing

New customers and profitable sales are the building blocks for growth and market share in any business sector. Now, marketers and website publishers have access to an online advertising channel that operates only on return on investment.

dgm has pioneered this performance based online channel in Australia, linking advertisers to our premium network of affiliates (web site publishers) facilitated by our technology and communication tools that we are constantly innovating.

Affiliate Marketing for Advertisers Affiliate Marketing for Publishers

Since 2003 dgm has built a strong reputation for innovation, technology, service, ethics and customer delivery.

With 60+ staff, dgm places equal value on the support and service we offer our clients and on our technical development.

The model is simple. We work with media partners who are traditionally website owners who act as sales people for our advertisers. They promote your brand and send traffic via links to your site on the basis that any sales generated from this traffic will earn them an agreed commission. This pay-for-performance reward model is commonly known as Cost Per Action (CPA) and is both a measurable and effective method of digital marketing.

In 2012, across our clients, we delivered:

  • 7 million clicks to advertisers' sites per month
  • 1.2 million in sales per month
  • 27 sales per minute
  • over $45 of computer sales every minute
  • over 100,000 credit card applications/cards
  • over 100 music downloads every minute
  • over 1 pizza order every 2 mins
  • over $15 of fashion sales every minute
  • over $42,000,000 in travel related sales
  • $35,000,000 in electronics and computer related sales


dgmPerformance is powered by Impact Radius, a world leading affiliate technology. The advanced tools and features of this system enables our advertisers to understand each engagement and touch point and provides full transparency and control of the customer journey. We can track, de-duplicate and award down to an individual publisher or even coupon level.

dgmPerformance transforms the advertiser perception of the customer journey into a clear intuitive view with each advertising interaction time stamped down to the tenth of a second. As each advertiser and customer interaction is different we can apply your individual business rules before applying credit thus avoiding any wastage associated with misattribution.

Managed Service

Our specially trained service teams can help improve your program by implementing and managing the day to day activity of your campaigns. This offers your team more time to focus on strategic initiatives, while we handle the rest. This includes:


dgm provides you with the insights on your program, and the granular view on campaign and publisher performance. We actively recruit on your behalf and work to grow your customer base through publisher engagement and expansion. We work to best practice and have experts in each key vertical willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

Technical support

From initial integration to the ongoing health of a program, the integration team is on-hand to answer queries and resolve any technical-related issues. With an in-depth understanding of our platform, they provide technical expertise on all areas of activity.

For Publishers

Since launching in 2003 dgm has built a reputation as Australia's largest and most respected Affiliate Network, recognised for the portfolio of blue chip brands on our client list.

As a dgm Media Partner our technology allows you to find and connect with well known brands, and engage with their products and services through various media channels.

Our tracking platform dgmPerformance offers media partners a wide range of fully integrated tools and solutions to find new advertiser opportunities, optimise the performance of marketing efforts and drive incremental revenue through your website and other media properties.

Why join?

If you are a website owner or publisher, you could benefit by becoming a media partner on the dgm Affiliate Network:

Access to blue chip Australian and international advertisers

We work with over 100 renowned Australian and international brands on Affiliate marketing campaigns, many of which have been working with dgm for several years.

Universal and reliable tracking

Our technology dgmPerformance offers seamless tracking incorporating fingerprint tracking, a complete mobile marketing solution and cross-channel deduplication.

A full suite of creative and affiliate tools

From traditional text links to data feeds and video, we provide media partners with a full suite of creative assets to assist them in building content and promoting our merchants' products/services across their website and other media properties.

  • Text links and deep linking
  • Coupon code tracking and partner level attribution
  • Merchant product feeds
  • Promotional ad feed
  • Dedicated credit card feed
  • Banners and email creative
  • Video linking
  • Flexi ads including searchable creative

Top tier analytics

Gain insights into how your marketing efforts and individual media properties contribute to your overall sales results. Through dgmPerformance you can access real time statistics across a full suite of reports drilling right down to SKU-level. Our technology also caters for affiliates which require complete integration of their performance data into internal systems.

Dedicated affiliate team

Our affiliate team has over 90 years combined experience in Affiliate Marketing. We work closely with our media partners to support them in promoting our advertisers and maximising their revenue portfolio across the network.

Becoming a Partner

You can sign up to become a media partner on the dgm network by following the links to our sign up page below.

Before registering please consider our approval criteria below as we do review applications to join the network on an individual basis:

  • Your website is required to be live before you submit an application to join the network
  • Your website includes content which is relevant to advertisers on the dgm Network
  • You are able to prove ownership of your website
  • Your website has a professional looking design

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